Not that I am a geologist.
But plate tectonics is a fascinating theory. In layman’s language, the earth has various layers, which don’t quite seem to stay still. Subtle pressure build up and they begin to (one guess) shift! These are layers above one another. And layers next to one another. The shifting therefore though is sometimes unseen and unfelt. Sometimes as dramatic as an earthquake.

Much like me. Like us.
We function on different levels (read layers) woman, boss, subordinate, mother, daughter, stranger, friend. And these layers overlap, rub against each other (sometimes grate), blend with each other and sometimes clash. There you go… quaking away with anger, shaking with fury, shuddering with fear, swaying with joy, moved to tears…. get the (er… Continental) drift? It’s all there in us… we are a microcosm of the earth itself and all we do is manage ourselves, through our daily rotation and revolution to stay afloat in this cosmic whirl, carefully managing layer with a complementary layer, piecing life together like a jigsaw so that work dovetails neatly into career, business brings pleasure, home life is balanced with work life, and round and round we go in, what we think is perfect harmony. Till… the plates shift. Grate. Clash. The pieces don’t match. The balance tilts. The pressure increases. And you skitter around trying to pull the ends together but… boom… crash… bang. There’s an explosion and you are left dumbfounded, in a whirl of smoke and frenzy, on quite a different layer from where you began.
You just experienced a tectonic shift.
Life, however, goes on…