Not all Facebook posts need to be ‘shared’. But once in a while you do want a post for posterity!

And this one sure is one of them.

As it slips by my timeline and yours, I’d like to keep it here, on a cloud, for a long long time.

This appeared on my timeline.

To this my comment was “I wonder where they’ll put me :(“

To which I got the answer that is the mother of all answers. From none other than my daughter.

Niyati Bharucha (says):

Here are their options:
Classical: Because you are truly quite classic, and classy
House: Because you’d rather be at home than anywhere else
Heavy Metal: Because of all the awards you’ve won
Indie: Because you’re Indian Rap: Because that’s what you’d give someone, in verbal form, if they pissed you off
Here are genres they CAN’T EVER USE:
Chillout: I’m not even saying why
Dubstep: Because you’ll fall right over it
Hip Hop: Because you can do the hip, but the problem lies in the hop!
Hardcore: Let’s face it, you’re too logical and practical to be mindlessly extreme when it comes to anything.
There you go. Your music-meets-words analysis. Please notice: there’s a pun in every one.

Thanks Niyati. You do me proud.

That’s it, folks.
I rest my case.