It’s Monday morning.

I hate Mondays.

They are grey and dull and come with a large dose of stupor.

To top that, all the people around you look grey and dull and add to the already large dose of stupor.

A recent zom-com (as I believe it is called) even put it in a song that kind of encapsulates what I believe Mondays do to me.  Very similar to all the rest who come in groaning to work on a Monday.While I wouldn’t (and can’t) sing that song, I agree with the singer. (Link below)

Then there were the Bangles who said it was just another “Manic Monday”. Agreed. But that still does not solve my problem.

And of course Karen Carpenter crooned about Rainy days and Mondays! They got her down too! See?
Universal problem isn’t it?
While being celebrated far and wide as a cribber, today I’ve decided to find a solution to the worldwide problem.

You know how, when someone wants to meet you on Monday, and you know you have a packed schedule you say, “Can you make it Tuesday?”

Well, why can’t we do it with the Monday itself? Call it Tuesday! Ta-da!

Believe me, it works.

For instance, for years, we ran, in my earlier workplace, a little creative get-together of sorts during lunchtime on Wednesdays. It was a knowledge-sharing forum where we could talk about a book we had just read, a movie we had seen, some new techniques in the print media and so on. Sometimes we got someone – like a photographer or film maker to have a chat with us. We called it Wisdom Wednesdays. And we loved our Wisdom Wednesdays. But the trouble began when we had a meeting on Wednesday – we hated to move this to the next week. We did need our dose of wisdom for the week.

So I decided we’d do it on a Thursday!

Only problem was that it was called Wisdom Wednesday. So word was sent out – this is to be equated to a King’s proclamation types that gets read out in public with the fear of dire punishment if not followed – that the following Thursday was actually a Wednesday! And the team complied. (Thanks guys!) And so on a Thursday when we were to have a Wisdom Wednesday session, if you asked any of the creative team what day it was… prompt came the reply – Today’s Wednesday!

Enough said.

I don’t see why we can’t do that with Monday.

Please, can’t we make it Tuesday?