And Paul McCartney sang a song, I could (if I could) sing now…
“I’ll get by with a little help from my friends..”

( I was wrong! Ringo Starr sang this – aptly corrected by Ravi. Thanks Ravi!)

So here they are – the more-than-fifty!
With contributions from Nishant, Roopal, Praveen, Baku, Naresh and Parveen!
Thanks guys! Much appreciated.
 Friends are definitely a great upper upper!

(I will not elaborate on these!. It’s just what it is ..a list!)

50 quick pick-me-uppers

1.       Have a hair cut

2.       Read a book

3.       Reread a book you’ve like

4.       Buy a book

5.       Get a friend a gift

6.       Take a 30 minute holiday

7.       Plan a holiday

8.       Go for a massage

9.       Go for a spa appointment

10.   Indulge in chocolate

11.   Drink one glass of wine over one hour

12.   Go for a walk

13.   Look at the sky

14.   Observe a tree in detail

15.   Don’t speak for an hour

16.   Meditate for 20 minutes

17.   Start a new hobby

18.   Plan to start a new hobby

19.   Shop for something you’ll never use

20.   Revisit old photographs

21.   Revisit old memories

22.   Call a friend you’ve not spoken to in a long time

23.   Write a postcard to someone you don’t know

24.   Donate to a charity

25.   Connect with a neighbor

26.   Reconnect with a neighbor

27.   Watch a film alone

28.   Take a picture that tells a story

29.   Write a story that creates a picture

30.   Read an old poem you love

31.   Revisit a quote you love

32.   Go to a coffee shop alone.

33.   Tip a security guard an insane amount

34.   Ask the office janitor his name, write it down

35.   Find out which ice-cream the person sitting next to you likes

36.   Get your immediate neighbor their favourite ice-cream

37.   Read a book/story you loved as a child

38.   Count the number of trees around where you live or where you work

39.   Listen to a song you like. Listen to it again. And again.

40.   Rearrange the furniture in your room

41.   Revisit the lyrics of a song you like. Decipher them

42.    Indulge in colony gossip (Thanks Roopal!)
43.  Get the whole family together! The extended family but all blood relatives – Mama, Chacha, Bua… (Thanks again Roopal… this is scary but worth trying!)
44. Write a blog on how you feel (Thanks Nishant, after number 44, this should do you good!)
45. Music (Thanks Praveen. I suppose any kind of music. Whatever floats your boat, right? )
46. Retail therapy! I agree… nothing like shopping -even if it’s just window shopping- to lift up those flagging spirits! (Thanks heaps Kamal. I’ll even send you the bills!)
47 Corny pop songs from The 80s
48. Food, food, food
49. Shoes, shoes shoes (Thanks Baku, for all 47, 48 & 49 – my favourite! Am so off to DSW right now!)
50. Watch a funny flick like “my cousin vinny” or “angoor” or even AFV 
51. Forgive and connect , reach out to the friend you know needs you but is awkward to ask
52. Try on a lip colour like a deep red or fuschia pink (Parveen thanks so much for 50-52 – am sure Maybelline or Lancome will be happy to sponsor us on #52! Hahaha)
53. Getting acknowledged for little things
54. Being pampered for major accomplishments (after a significant time lapse of the said accomplishment)
55. Meeting an old friend that you can just hang around with
56. Drives – long peaceful drives – not sure how one can do that in Bombay any more, but we sure can do this here in Toronto.
57. Watching a good comedy (Thank you Naresh – all good… and yes peaceful drives in Mumbai are sometimes possible at 3 am on a good day!
So there you are… take your pick from my list or the contributed list.. and it isn’t over yet… keep it coming!
Should I even say “Cheers”? I’m feeling better already! (See #44)