Shraddha Soni has done it.

In her very first book, she’s taken the metaphor of life and spun it around into a preeminently readable novel.
Although deceptively slim, the book takes you through a rather long journey – that of the protagonist – Sid’s misdirected search for God.
What makes it credible in this day and age is that he is really not searching for that piece of soul – its largely how to win his company and his fortune back.

Some drunken outings, a visit to a voodoo queen and suddenly Sid is on a long haul flight to Delhi. – a place that once was home to him.

The narrative weaves through the highs and lows of Hrishikesh and Haridwar as Sid stumbles along rejecting all supposedly spiritual avenues and finally serendipitously meets with Myrah.

Post that it’s one thing leading to another as Sid comes to his final realization. And the fact that he is not even looking for a God is something that becomes a painful reality.

I ended up reading the major part of the book in one continuous stretch. Not a very good idea but I do know I’ll go back for a second more leisurely read. For some. reading bits and savoring the life wisdom may be more palatable.

While there are very few characters, that of Sid is very credibly crafted. The others that drift in and out are equally flesh and blood. 

Sometimes the narrative flags or gets a bit too casual especially with Sid’s ranting. Sometimes the entire metaphorical proceedings feel a bit forced. But one reads through all this because of the fluidity and the pace of the storytelling. 

A must read. I’m off to read parts of it again.

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