It’s  Fools’ Day today.
Be the fool.
Sometimes  it helps to leave doubt and cynicism aside and be blind.
Be the fool.
Trust your parents to do right by you. To have done what they thought was right for you. Trust blindly. Even foolishly. Be the fool there.
If you’re a parent, teach your children to trust. Not be cynical. Warn against dangers. But let them test their own waters. Learn their own lessons. And trust that the apple will not fall far from the tree. Be the fool there and teach them to be the fool.
Be foolish in your friendships. Take your time to make friends. But trust your friends implicitly. Chances are some may let you down. But chances are also most won’t. Trust because most won’t. Be the fool in friendships.
Be the fool in relationships. There are no terms and conditions attached. Accept that people come in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Accept that they don’t come with the correct label and time attached. Be the fool there. Trust that every mistake you make is a lesson learnt. Every wrong thing you did is an eye-opener.
Be the fool in life. Trust that the bend in the road is not the end in the road. Trust that everything is a passing phase. Everything must change. Everything must end. The good. As well as the bad. Life’s a circle. Trust time and tide to turn. Trust that the sun will rise every day no matter how dark the night. Trust that winter will give way to spring. Trust that Be the fool.
Be the fool. Simply because it is a better, happier, sunnier way to be. 

Today is April. Be the fool the rest of the year too. 

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