Words cannot describe it… 

We turn to Nature when we want a breather.
And then Nature gives us this moment that just completely takes our breath away!

My second day was relaxed. With a planned outing to the Kovalam beach in the evening. I had heard about the beach being beautiful… but it was more than that… and I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

An infinity pool greeted us as we walked in to The Leela Kovalam
The setting sun was in all its glory… but that was just the beginning
Going behind the main facade of the hotel we came upon the real picture!
If I saw this picture elsewhere I’d think it very cliched! 
But here it was a picture-perfect moment! 
And then! The Sun decided to get even more gorgeous!
Like this!
Or closer still… almost saturnine!
Till it set...
Leaving the sky like this…
And then finally giving way to a beautiful crescent moon

And then we had lovely dinner on the beach 
with the waves gently lapping the shore in the moonlight, little crabs scurrying along sideways on the wet sand,  
a light dinner served to us under the twinkling stars, 
feeling blithe after witnessing the beauty of the Sun, the Moon and the Sea, 
all in the space of one spectacular evening. 
SG, SV & AK.. thanks for a memorable evening
We’d see much more the next day, but that’s Day Three, isn’t it? 

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