I was caught in an intensely heavy shower this morning. The one where you cannot see the car in front of you and all you can is a blur of hazy red lights. The one where traffic slows down to a crawl – a blurry sea of red blobs moving slowly and carefully forward. But with these red blobs I now see the blinking yellows!

Last year, I thought the blinking yellow lights were the right thing to do. So I tweeted to fellow drivers to keep them on. Several vigilant tweeters/drivers responded. It was not correct to have the hazard lights on during the rain.

My research since then has confirmed this. 

From what I understand using your hazard lights while driving in the rain is actually more hazardous than using just your indicator lights.

In hindsight I agree.

For instance, how do you signal left or right turning? 

Or if the traffic is crawling how do you signal that you have stopped?

In many countries and states in the US, this could actually be fined by law. I am not sure what the Indian laws say but if I think a bit, this logic is right. So I do put on my brights or just my headlights but not my blinkers during a rainy drive.

What about you? I’d love to know your views.