Have you ever wondered why it’s called a circle of friends or a Friend Circle? It’s no coincidence. It IS a circle. A circle that envelopes you as tightly or as loosely as you want it. A circle that protects you from all those ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ (Thanks Shakespeare – you couldn’t have expressed it better!). A circle that allows you to touch each and everyone at one time or all times, a circle you can widen and narrow through life as life demands. And a circle that responds. The way you want it. Growing looser and tighter around you.

And there’s more to the circle. It means things go round. What goes round comes round. And you pass on that wonderful feeling of friendship that one friend gave you to another friend. You pass it on. You pass it forward. And you get it back from someone else. One good turn after another.

And since it’s a circle it can turn and it can spin. So you have those heady spinning moments with friends that you can never forget, pretty much all your life. And you have those turning points where friends meet and part – and then meet again. And because it can turn, it can go clockwise .Or counter clockwise. 

Today is Friendship Day…once again. Not that any other day is not for friends. Most of us, at some time or the other, are thanking a friend for being there in our times of need. But today of all days maybe it’s time to turn around and see what you can do for your friends. Turn around, spin the circle counter-clockwise, pull it close, and thank all those who have ever been your friends. 

(From me, a big Thank you to my friends -today and every day!)