I’ve been asked how I get the time to blog fairly regularly.
And I have an answer that does not make sense (at least initially).

And by traffic I don’t mean the social media traffic of readers that beat their way to my blog. I mean genuine horrendous crawly mind-numbing traffic! Okay, may not be mind-numbing but definitely the clutch-brake-move-an-inch-forward kind.

Now you’ll wonder if I write while I drive. No, I don’t. I write on my desk in the office though it’s mostly at home. But I think more than I write. Often a post arranges itself in my head before it forms itself into characters on the screen. 

Which is why the ‘traffic’ instead of a hindrance becomes a help. In my head, words are fighting to get into their places pretty much like kindergarten children running amok in a play school. It’s only when I sit down in front of my keyboard that they sullenly fall into line, hands on the shoulders of the toddler in front of them taking tiny little steps to go back inside. 

Once that is done, it’s a few revisions, few arrangements of the line, sending one errant child to the back of the queue, bringing another one forward, gently asking a third one to stand aside and await his turn for the next time.

Once all that is done, I read re-read, correct the typos… then it’s off. 

Of course, I blog on varied subjects and platforms – random thoughts, Customer Experience and I also post short stories on another blog sometimes. So often it depends on what I am writing on and then of course it may take longer than usual – a short story invariably takes longer because I write so much more than necessary – then I ruthlessly edit.

That still does not the key question – why I write. I write because it’s easier to express on paper (figuratively speaking now) than to speak. Years ago, when I actually wrote on paper it was putting that pen on paper that actually got the thoughts flowing with the ink. And as the words formed whorls and shapes on paper my thoughts took form and what was just a thought or just an amorphous mass of words getting sculpted into shape with the nib of my pen into something meaningful. 
Something that’s more permanent than my thoughts in the traffic!

And here are the links to my three platforms.

Random Thoughts on Life

Insights into Customer Experience

Short Stories