pink1  Remember the day you wore a pink dress and felt wonderful?

Felt supremely confident yet compassionate? 

And felt like you could…well.. rule the world? 

Wasn’t it the loveliest of pinks?

Weren’t you quite the royalty?

Get this right, all you wonderful people. This is India. When we say pink we do not by any chance or quirk of fate mean baby pink or salmon pink. We mean Rani Pink.

Let me explain. The word Rani means Queen in Hindi and Rani Pink is the bright fuchsia pink that was a part of the wardrobe of the Queens of yore.

And what better a colour to adorn yourself with, than that gorgeous richness of a jewel tone that encompasses the softness of a rose with the fire of a ruby.pinkbangles

This is Rani Pink, the queen of all pinks. The pink of the abundant bougainvillea, the pink of the cherry blossoms, the pink of the bridal outfit.

It’s the colour of hope and healing, a colour that tones down the fire of red but still imbues you with the assertiveness and maturity of a more responsible and nurturing love.

And most importantly, it’s the colour adorning the most beautiful of queens.

So get into the pink of things today.

Because you definitely rule.

Today is the eighth day.Pinkflowers

Tomorrow, the colour is sky blue.

Stay blessed.

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