If ever you go to #Kerala you’ll be fortunate if you manage to go with someone local.

I was fortunate I had an invitation from someone native. And my discovery of #Kerela was that much richer with that much more learning.

Take a case in point, there is virtually no Indian sweet in which we don’t add the fragrant cardamom seed (elaichi in Hindi). But this was the first time I actually saw a cardamom bush.

And sure enough we found pepper corns growing wild as we drove back from Thekkady.

Then I realised I was in Spice Country!

So this post is all about the flowers, the fruit and the glorious spices. A little journey into the interiors of Kerela.

IMG_1596 - Copy
Anthuriums are abundantly grown in Kerala. Here’s a table piece with fresh flowers from the garden
IMG_1607 - Copy
I don’t know the names of most of the varieties of flowers but you can see how gloriously abundant they are
IMG_1598 - Copy
A bay leaf tree grows abundantly in the back yard. These leaves are used in seasoning most of the rices and curries in Indian cooking
IMG_1611 - Copy
Plantations like this are seen all along the roads in Kerela.
IMG_1618 - Copy
Peppercorns grow wild along the roads. What’s interesting is that the fencing used is organic so creepers grow on the fences too.
IMG_1619 - Copy
The peppercorns on the plant itself. They are not yet the black ones but they are really sharp!

IMG_1604 - Copy IMG_1609 - Copy

IMG_1661 - Copy
The hibiscus or the shoe flower as it is called in India is seen across the country… but it’s usually red. This is the first time I encountered this orange specimen.
The banana or the plantain tree. Well used not only for the fruit but also the large leaves which serve as plates for eating!
Another glorious flower – the Cana!
It is said that Kerala has over 20 varieties of bananas. Of these some cannot be eaten unless cooked. The red ones are the most expensive variety
Roadside stalls sell bananas and most of the fruit and vegetables
Oh yes, whether it’s bottles or bananas… the display formula remains the same!

And so we trundled along, on our way to a tea estate, one of the many in Kerala… but this one has a story of its own.

For that… another post.

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