The alarm rings (a bit too insistently and a bit too early)  in the morning and I say some solemn words of gratitude. The gratitude is of course for the dude who invented the snooze button. I turn and nap till the alarm rings again (and I’m sure it’s not 9 minutes later) and the first thing I want before I even open my eyes is COFFEE! Where’s my COFFEE?! I ask.

I didn’t grow up drinking coffee. It was in my teens (probably the right time) that my lifelong affair with coffee started. I had never been a tea drinker unlike other Indians and all the members of my family. When it came to preparing for my school board exams I realized that I needed to put in maximum studying hours at night. And for that I needed… guess what… COFFEE!

Not your everyday kind of coffee

The coffee that I made for myself was a pretty complex project in itself. I noisily stirred tons of instant coffee and sugar with a few teaspoons of water till it turned into a creamy light brown mix. This took a good 20 minutes of my study time! What I got at the end of it was my concentrate. It was kept ready in the evening for use through the night.

At night when I wanted to have coffee all I need to do is put a dollop of the creamy mix in heated milk and water and I had this frothy cup of coffee that kept me awake for the next couple of hours. Mmmmm… it was wonderful. After that if I wished a second one would follow. I am not sure whether I stayed up because of the coffee or stayed up because I wanted to have coffee! I’m not even sure whether friends who came over to study with me came to study or to have the coffee! I guess it was a bit of both.

What’s too much coffee?!

Over the years my devotion and dedication to good coffee has only grown. Whenever I travel I am sure to buy the local coffee (even if it is Bangalore!). At any given time there are at least 3 coffee makers in my house of various sizes (okay, one is broken…but it’s there!) At any given time there are three choices of coffee available in my house. People who don’t know me are surprised that I can make a mean drink of cold coffee, percolated coffee, filter coffee – or any coffee at that. My choice of drink is coffee – choice of cake is coffee and if it’s ice cream – guess which flavour I like. My day starts with coffee and sometimes it continues because of coffee. Also IMHO there is no such thing as too much coffee.

Hell hath no fury like me without my coffee

In a tea-drinking nation like India there are many time s when I’ve gone to places where there is no coffee available. Most people who travel with me know the perils of me sans coffee. For those who don’t know me, the learning curve is managed very quickly – in less than 15 minutes of coffee deprivation. Honestly, me without my coffee is not a good idea at all.

So where does this all go…CoffeeRound

So this results in an eternal weakness for invitations to have coffee, a soft corner for those who offer coffee, a star rating for those who make coffee and a clear division of people – those who give me coffee and those who don’t which deeply affect all my relationships. Fortunately those who know me know how important this is and have so far survived! It has resulted into a well-populated board on Pinterest (Link)with the same title as this post. And then my love for coffee finds its ways into my doodles. And here’s one of them. Now getting converted to laser-etched wooden coasters!

I will continue talking about coffee – in another post.
Right now I need some… COFFEE!