Off and on I write about music or some song or artist I like.

But today I have to give a disclaimer. I am really not a big fan of Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love. I mean I wasn’t until now. But now I’m a big fan of her versatility! And that’s because of what she has done with this song!

So here’s the ORIGINAL.

Peppy and popular the original became as much a hit as her Single Ladies. While I do think she sings well, I was, as I said earlier,not really that much of a fan.

Till I heard this version when I happened to watch Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby.

Here’s The Great Gatsby version – a representation of the time in which it is set.

And then I stumbled upon the soundtrack for Fifty Shades of Grey. And this is the Fifty Shades version

No I’ve not seen the film but you know she’s picked up the mood and dropped it there! Slow, sultry, sensuous!

And if I were to extrapolate this to a creative artist, no matter what field he or she is in – isn’t it that versatility that keeps us going?

Am crazy in love with versatility! What about you?