When I first took up the 30 Day Blogging Challenge it was with a mixture of excitement and anticipation but also (I’ll admit) a bit of arrogance. Writing comes easy to me, what I (thought I) needed was the discipline and the regimen of writing. I knew I had to strengthen my mental muscle and my writing discipline and I knew this was my test to become more regular and consistent in my blogging.

On the first day of the challenge, when I got a list of potential topics from Sarah, I was overjoyed. I knew I had enough of my own subjects to write on and now there was more. When the content calendar came in on Day Four I thought, “Even better, I can be more organized. And I won’t have to worry about what to write on every day.” I was so confident. (Well, over confident!)

There was no way I was going to hit Blogger’s Block, right? Wrong!

It hit me around the 10th day!

I had a topic worked out and then when I sat to write it just did not fall into place. I went back to the topics suggested on the first day. No luck. Nada. Nichts. Then I thought I’d do a post with links. That did not work out either. By this time it was evening. And I had not even started on my post.

I had now several half-done posts – a book review, another post on customer experience and yet…nothing was falling in place. I almost gave up. I thought no post will go up that day!

Having given up something struck me. And so, late on that Friday evening I took the aggregated thoughts of the festival series converted it into a post on Employee Engagement and posted it quickly! Phew!

That’ the day I realized 3 things about myself –

  1. I too can get writer’s or bloggers block
  2. It’s not easy managing
  3. No matter how confident I feel right now, I will get struck by writer’s block.

The 12 things that work (for me, at least!)

  1. Be less self-critical, less picky and persnickety!
  2. Don’t always strive for perfection – some things just need to be done
  3. Have options ready for when the block hits
  4. Get away from it all – at least for some time
  5. It’s okay not to try so hard – a bit of relaxing actually helps the thinking process.
  6. Listen to music ( If nothing else, you can write about what you’re listening to)
  7. Have a glass of wine. Or water. (Actually it helps most of the times!)
  8. Meeting up with or talking to friends takes your mind off the blockwinning-runner
  9. Reading always always helps unwind
  10. Coffee helps.
  11. More coffee helps more. (How simple was that!)
  12. Finally, nothing like mindless TV viewing. (A comedy, a romance or an action serial and I feel good again!)

And that is how I dashed round the block the last time it hit me!