If you’ve been a Mumbai (or Bombay) person you’ll understand and connect with the 10 reasons people who live in Bombay never ever want to leave no matter what.

Of course, you’ll Gatewayvisit Delhi for shopping and Chennai for your silks. You’ll go for a nature retreat to Kerela and to Darjeeling for a cuppa. You’ll talk about going skiing in Gulmarg and to see the temples in Madurai, but if you are a Bombayite or a Mumbaikar at heart, you’ll never ever want to leave.
Here are 10 reasons. And this is a start. Add your own in the comments below!

  1. You love the sea
    Wherever you go in Mumbai you are likely to catch a glimpse of the sea – whether it’s the beaches on the western side or the deep of the harboMumbai-Bollywood-Posterur side or the inlets near the salt pans north of Mumbai you can catch bits of the expanse of the sea – a breather from the crowds.
  2. Crowds don’t bother you. Lack of them do.
    If you’ve lived in this city, not only do you like the crowd, you find comfort in numbers! If you walk into a restaurant that’s empty you wonder if the food is bad
  3. You love the people – and you don’t even know them
    There is no one kind of person that’s typically a Mumbai person. Yet you know one who is. The melting pot of cultures – you really don’t know what community they belong to or what their surnames are.
  4. The 9:14 Fast means a lot to you
    Catching the right train at the right time where you not only know where you will be seated but also who will be your fellow passengers is what gets you out of the house sharp on time and running to Platform 3!
  5. You make lifelong friends on the train
    Your co-passengers on the way to work and back are more than fellow travellers. They are your mentors, guides, friends, advisers and more. And this could go on.
  6. You measure distance in time and direction
    If you are asked how far your workplace is from your home you talk about whether you do an East-West circuit and how long it takes. And you understand a fellow when he/she speaks in that manner.
  7. Your high point of the day is getting to your workplace 10 minute earlier than usual
    If you find a clear road on the way to work and reach earlier than usual
  8. You feel the street food in Mumbai is irreplaceable
    You can eat anywhere and want to come back to Mumbai for its vada-pav, pav-bhaji and pani-puri. Irreplaceable.
  9. You complain about it when in the city, but sing it’s praises the minute you go anywhere else
    When in MSeaLinkumbai you’ll talk disparagingly about the traffic, then step outside the city and talk highly of the exceptional skills of the traffic police.
  10. You are not religious but you still have been to the Novena Church, the SiddhiVinayak Temple and the Haji Ali Mosque (well maybe not in one day!)
    The word here is faith and no one knows it better than the average Mumbai person – who knows what each of the places represent to the faithful devotee.
  11. You’ve seen most Bollywood celebrities and even know where they stay. From Bandra to Juhu, from Film City to Mehboob Studios you know where the Bollywood celebs hobnob.
    And then there’s the spirit of Mumbai, the undying, unbeatable heartbeat that goes on and on, no matter what.

Would love to hear from you what makes you want to be in Mumbai! Add them below in the comments!