Cheers to a new year! To Twenty Sixteen.

How about Twenty Sweet Sixteen?

Sixteen is the keyword here. (Key number if you want to be finicky!) But I am thinking well above words and numbers. I’m thinking… age!

So if you’re 16 years old, I suggest you stop reading now and go have a wonderful year with my fond blessings.

If you’re not, my old friend, read on.Happy New Year 2016

In 2016 take a step back.

Remember what we were, and how we felt when we were 16? Remember how we counted down to our sixteenth birthday? Remember the night before, the feverish excitement over what gifts  you’d get, the anxiety about that special day? This is a good year to look forward to being 16 again. And to get started here are 5 things to think of, to be and to do, to be 16 again in 2016.

And this is what I wish you:

I wish you HOPE.
Be a hopeful 16 again this year… full of the hope you had when you were 16. That awe-inspired look you had in your eyes as you looked at the starry skies into your future. Wasn’t everything possible then? The world was yours. Begin this year with the HOPE of a 16-year old. And look forward to the year with youthful anticipation. Because HOPE is what makes dreams come true.

I wish you DREAMS.
Which 16-year old does not dream? Dream of big impossible things. Of travel to distant places. Of wondrous holidays. Of love and laughter. Of conquering the world. Of owning the world. Why not revive those wonderful dreams again. Dreams that revive your spirit. Dreams that you gave up on. But dreams that can still come true. Maybe 2016 is the year for your inner 16-year old’s dreams to come alive.

I wish you LOVE.
And then there’s love. The hope and dreams of love. That’s what you were thinking of when you looked up the moonlit sky, weren’t you? Of love around the corner? And did you find it? You did. And now when you are older you realise it’s much more than that 16-year old concept of love. There’s the love for your close friends. For parents. For children. For your work. For your life. And finally for your self. And that’s what I wish you this year. Love for your Self with the freshness and passion of a 16-year old. Simply because you deserve it.

I wish you LAUGHTER
I wish you the wild abandoned laughter of a 16-year old, the unbridled joy, the uncontrollable fits that reduce you to tears, the throwing-your-head-back kind of laughter. The one that leaves you feeling happy for hours after. I wish you endless smiles that last through 2016.

And finally,

I wish you JOIE DE VIVRE
I wish you the spiritedness of a 16-year old. That love of life. Joie de Vivre, as the French put it. The desire to do so much more. The energy to go there and back. To get up when you fall. To succeed after you fail. The enthusiasm to try new things. The hunger, the craving for novel experiences. The thirst for knowledge. The lust for life. That’s really all you need to make this year everything you want it to be… full of hope and dreams and love and laughter! All possible because you’re sweet sixteen in Twenty Sixteen and you believe the world is truly yours!

Happy 2016!