One step forward, don’t look back.
Burn the bridge, burn it black.
The charred remains. May Phoenix rise.
Burn that bridge. Burn it black.

Some things are meant to be left behind.
Some things are, “well, oh, never mind.”
Some things are things you don’t want back.
Burn the bridge. Burn it black.

Don’t you turn or hesitate.
Don’t you flounder in your gait.
One step forward, don’t lose track.
Burn all those bridges black.

burning match

Time has passed. Time will move
Time will flow and so will you.
Move you must, don’t backtrack.
All your bridges are now burnt black.

All the bridges you need to reach.
All the lessons life has to teach.
All things you know front to back.
All those bridges are best burnt black.

It’s time to move, not time to grieve.
Time to walk away and leave.
Build a new path, a new track
The old one, remember, is burnt black.

The smoke has got into your eyes;
But tomorrow there will be clear skies.
Charge! Move forward! Don’t look back!
It’s time to burn those bridges black!