Looks like it’s cover season for me. I love songs that transcend time and generations and come back new – yet enduring.
Here’s one more that started in the fifties and is still moving into today’s generation.  And one measure of it’s longstanding impact is the compilation link shared here with versions from singers across generations. Truly this is a melody unchained by time.

Here are the three covers that I like. Separated by decades. Still linked with that raw emotion.

The original one – though this is a live performance by The Righteous Brothers

Then comes the King Elvis Presley himself.

And while this is not the third version, the Righeous Brothers version got immortalized in 1990 in the Demi Moore-Patrick Swayze movie Ghost. (Oh how well it was used there!)

And as recently as 2015 Nashville star Jonathan Jackson star performed at the OPRY the country music fest making once again something old something new


And here’s the brilliant compilation I was talking about – of everyone who is anyone who has covered this song

The origin and history of Unchained Melody


And the question remains. What makes music enduring. What makes it transcend generations and gaps and renew itself every time? Answers anyone?