Apparently the Diwali and New Year wishes that I sent last year have worked for some, need to be tweaked for some and need to be changed for some.

So here’s my wish for this year – with all the ‘client comments’ taken into account.

I wish you light, lightness and enlightenment this Festival of Lights!

I wish you light in your lives, a brightening flash, a steady streaming of sunshine and blinding brilliance that illuminates every dark corner around you.

I wish you lightness in your burdens, a lightening of sorrow, a diminishing of pain, an elimination of all that’s sad, false, wrong and heavy.

I wish you enlightenment. I wish you deeper wisdom, an understanding of life, an acceptance of what is and what may be and a sense of contentment that the light shining in your lives is what is meant to be and that you yourself are meant to be a source of light to others and are being one.

 I wish you light. I wish you to be the light.
Happy Diwali and Happy New Year!

+Sky Photo courtesy: Alpesh Palany