If you’ve read a book called ‘The Little Prince’, you’ll remember how the little prince was persistent about wanting the drawing of a sheep. Every time the author says something else, the little boy brings him back firmly to the sheep.

Facebook reminders are like that. Gentle. Persistent. But not going away till they get the proverbial sheep!

Don’t get me wrong, I like (yeah, like Like) FB. It’s just that this reminder, that reminder… Are you going to that event? Will you join this group? And your status? Updated? That does get to me some times. But never mind that!

Time and again I get this one: someone wants their calendar updated. With my birthday.

Now I don’t really have the so-called ‘Fraands’ on Facebook.
The people on my timeline are people I know. They ARE friends. My school mates. Colleagues. Bosses. Peers. Cousins far and away. Cousins near and dear. Nephews and nieces – much-loved. Extended family. And of course this huge sea of humanity that I know and love.

And they all want to know my birthday – obviously with good intentions.

So.. to all of of you who have asked me for my birthday update on your calendar… here’s my message.

My birthday falls on every single day of the year. Simply because I think we need to celebrate every single day as it comes.

Fact is, we don’t. So here’s my request:

Why don’t you wish me on any day that YOU want and I’ll feel like it’s my birthday and I’ll celebrate it. It might be that I’m having a bad day that day and your wish will cheer me up. It might be that I’m having a fabulous day and you can share my joy with me. Either way, I’ll be happy to receive your message, wish, greeting: whatever. And I’ll accept your good wishes with an open heart.

And yes, I am also happy to receive gifts, round the year, with open arms!

So… thanks for your birthday wishes. And yes, Happy Birthday to You too! Today!