WW2“SHIELD!” she shouts amidst the raging battle on the beach.
Archers versus gunslingers.
Amazons versus German soldiers.
One amazon kneels with her shield-bearing arms raised.
She takes a flying jump, launches herself from the shield straight into the air and spews out three simultaneous arrows from her bow!
And that’s not the Wonder Woman– that’s Antiope – her Aunt, Queen Hippolyta’s sister.

Through the film, there are many such battle scenes, where Wonder Woman shows her prowess against a world embroiled in the evil that’s spreading during the Second World War.

I confess, I did not do my homework before I went for the film. I didn’t read the comics, nor did I know her place in the League of Justice but I did go to watch a movie that most people compare smart Moms to.

I was a bit disappointed. But I’ll tell you about that later.


To be fair, it was fun.

What did I like?

I loved how Gal Gadot epitomizes what we do refer as an Amazon, that tall statuesque woman who is unstoppable; I loved the portrayal of their island, Themyscira (sounded like The Mascara to me, but I get this sometimes!) and the desire for a little girl to want to train to fight. Yesss! That’s what the real world should be made of – girls wanting to fight, learn to fight everywhere,  not just in one solitary island in some fictitious place in a comic book.

The casting was good. Starting of course with Gal Gadot. Enough stories about how she got the part on the Ellen as well as Fallon’s shows. Loved the comic book characters come to life –even though Antiope was clearly RobinWW4 Wright! But that’s okay, isn’t it? She fit the part very well.

Loved the story line! Nothing like a war situation to help save the world.

Loved the mythology. Loved the fact that she looks for The God of War, Ares. And how that was a metaphorical reference to the demons that propagated the war at that time.

Loved the music. Sia’s haunting voice and melody on the Official Sound Track: To Be Human (link below) stays with you long after the movie is over. (And Sia occupies a rather large corner in my round heart!)

Loved the action. The movement, The settings, the costumes, the design, the dialogues. (Dialogues were good. And what I love about comic books. But that’s another post.)

So, what’s not to like?  

Unlike how Wonder Woman launches herself on the shield and gets airborne, the film according to me failed to take off. One knows in every super hero film that the hero (and please, I am not calling her ‘heroine’ here) will save the day. But there comes that moment of truth in the film when you realize that the hero is overpowered and now doom is nigh. The world is about to end.

You cover your face with your hands because you cannot watch this destruction of that wonderful character, that brave individual, that epitome of everything that’s right and just. And through a crack in the fingers you try to peek hopefully to see if there’s hope. And voila! There IS hope. The super hero rises, and fights back, vanquishes the enemy and tilts the world back in its place. All is well.

This film fails to bring you to that nail-biting, edge-of-the-seat, OMG-she’s-gone-now kind of feeling. Somewhere it fails to launch itself on that shield, go high up in the air and land triumphantly amid chaos and make everything alright again. You keep thinking there should have been that little more, even if it was just an inch more, but sadly, you don’t get there.

What I did take away is the concept of Wonder Woman (isn’t that every woman?) and the fact that the world does need more of these.

At the end however there is a message. For all those who are not imbued with the powers of an Amazon from Themyscira – that it’s good enough to be human, and to be human is to love. (Check the Sia song link for that)

By all means, watch the movie, make your own decisions and if you have children take them to see it – because every child –boy or girl – deserves to grow up wanting to be a hero!

As for the links:

Want to watch the Trailer? HERE

Here’s the song from the trailer! Imagine Dragons: Rise of the Warrior

And here’s Sia talking about what it means TO BE HUMAN