Before I saw Despicable Me (the very first one) I used the word Minions as a largely derogatory term. That changed with the film. In recent times Minions have come to represent the most adorable of creatures, with their smart denim outfit, their single/double vision, their glasses, their limited vocabulary and of course their love for bananas!

They won our hearts with the first film, then the prequel kind of sealed it. But somehow Despicable Me 3 did not quite cut it. Topikanamutaa! I’d say. I’d also say it was not quite bananas as it should have been.

BrotherIt starts with Gru losing his job and then being told he has a twin brother Dru (quite cute that!) who has now invited him to his mansion. So off the pared down family goes, (as the other Minions have gone off in search of a new boss). They land on Dru’s island and discover its lavishness and all seems fine till Gru realises that Dru is part of the family villainy and he must now go back to being ‘bad’.

Which brings us to the real villain who is Balthazar Bratt, a purple-outfitted, shoulder-pad-wielding, gum-chewing villain who must have the biggest diamond in history (never mind that it is lurid pink). Gru tricks Dru in bringing the villain to book and through a series of twists and turns (and a few laughs) they prevail – even though the city is engulfed in bubble gum! PHEW!GruFamJam

While it keeps moving, the plot is a bit too diffused to bring sustained laughter. It has now too many characters and too many subplots to keep the interest ongoing. The film focuses more on Gru and Dru and the villain. The minions are no longer the focus. And the plot loses steam without them. Yes, the minions in prison are quite amusing but sometimes even that is forced. The film does drag on a bit in the end with the bubble-gum-wrapped city.

What’s the saving grace?

Honestly? Steve Carell. And Pharell Williams.

Steve Carell does a fabulous job being both Gru and Dru – and also Gru being Dru and Dru being Gru as the brothers hilariously imitate each other. Interesting snippet here with Steve. Check out this link 

Music redeems the film and takes it to another level. Balthazar Bratt makes his signature entry with Michael Jackson’s Bad! He works out to “Let’s get physical” and even the makeshift song that the Minions sing at the supposed Talent show is hilarious in its raucousness! The choice of songs is superb! (Here’s a link to the soundtrack. Give it a listen!

So should you see the movie or not?

Well, if you have nothing better to do, catch the movie. If you love the minions, then by all means, get the pop corn and get yourself in. Or else watch it at home when it’s on one of the streaming options.

For the trailer for this evening’s entertainment click here.