Chased Baby Driver over the weekend! Not sure if it was a great idea!

Here’s what I’m thinking- he (Ansel Elgort) made these women -me included – weep buckets and use tissues by the boxes in The Fault in our Stars. And now he has to get his tough image back! So he takes on this manic driver role. And that’s what Baby Driver is all about! Then I’m thinking – if he really wanted to get rid of that image why ‘Baby’? Why?

AnselElgortI am not sure why Ansel Elgort did this. But obviously the entire cast was in on this conspiracy. I mean Kevin Spacey AKA Doc! Seriously? And Jon Hamm AKA Buddy? Seriously? Are all these guys out to ruin my impression of them as really ‘with it’? SIGH!

So it’s about Doc (Kevin Spacey) who plots his heists very well, uses different people every time but only one driver for the getaway. You guessed it – that’s Baby. And to explain why he (Baby) is constantly plugged in to his head phones it’s because he has a ‘hum in the drum’ a childhood trauma that has him listening to music all the time. Even his getaways are to music (I can relate to that somehow!)

And all Baby Driver is looking at is paying off his debts and getting into the straight world. He has one last heist and he is done. At which time he meets a music-loving waitress (Lily James)  and they kind of ‘hit’ it off trying to find songs with ‘Debora’ and ‘Baby’ and then they plan to go on this long drive to nowhere and not coming back. (I can relate to that too.)

But of course, this is where there is a bend in the road. And Baby has to apply brakes to all his romantic plans as Doc has planned another heist. And that seems to be set up for failure and now all his driving skills are not going to get Baby or the team ( Buddy – Jon Hamm included) out of this.

The car chases are brilliantly shot. And they are no doubt daring – after all they are set to music – but beyond that the movie goes on a bit too long! Jon Hamm’s refusal to die inspite of being shot at, dropped several floors down and hit and punched seems a bit Hindi-movie style and gets tiring. (Really Don Draper? Et tu?)

And Baby’s giving up at the end seems all is for naught. Well. it IS for naught. I’d say you listen to the music at home or in your car, and save on the popcorn and the nachos.

What’s good? It’s well scripted. Dialogues are crisp. Short. Pithy.

And of course the music. The music keeps the wheels turning. Right through the movie. And for that I give you an entire tracklist at the end of this post. (Download the tracks. But drive safe, my friend, drive safe!)

I’m kind. And therefore sharing the link to the trailer. Watch the movie at your own peril and remember if you do, when you meet me, you’ll have to face the music.

P.S. For music lovers, this link has the entire track listApparently all you need is one killer track!