The one thing I’m not: is old
I don’t feel it; truth be told.
The bones may be creaking,
The joints a-squeaking
But, for now, I’ve put the numbers on hold.

There are no qualms about divulging my age:
No drama here, I’m not on stage.
If I slow down in my gait,
Or prosper with weight,
It’s just like turning a new page. 

Why does the hair go greyer every year?
Really? Draped white across the ear!
Why grey or white, why not violet or blue?
Make it pink or red, some brighter hue,
And I’d probably greet every day with a cheer!

I know some parts are past their sell-by date,
And the aches and pains are something I hate:
Those sleepless nights;
Those annoying lights;
And of course small issues: well, it’s a full plate!

But, of course, I am ageing with grace,
(If that means cursing is mastered like an ace.)
I’d like to put a stop,
But this speed is tops,
And I can’t seem to get used to this pace.

Have you heard what people say?
Don’t have coffee at the start of play?!
Don’t eat this! Don’t do that!
Don’t you fret about that cat!
And you’ll live till your dying day!!!

So I’ve decided to this is the way to go:
Have tons of coffee when I feel low,
And the years I will not count
The pain I will surmount,
I will take every day real slow. 

The mission is to upstage age with fun
Give the years an honest run
Have the coffee; have the wine.
Live it up, don’t toe the line,
And enjoy all your seasons in the sun!

Vaishakhi Bharucha
10th July 2017