Fortified with mythical metaphors
And hero archetypes
We rage into the battlefield
Armed and ready
Strong. So strong.
Eyes peeled for the enemy.
With battle cries we charge ahead
Unhindered . Unchallenged.

In measured steps, we advance.
Not knowing but confident.
The battle rages
A clash of weapons
We spar
We duel
We fight
We challenge
And we charge ahead
As the smoke rises
The battle cries get louder
Dark clouds fill the skies
The shadows emerge
The sounds get louder
As the enemy lines are blurred
We plunge ahead regardless
Unknowing. Unseeing.

And the battleground changes
And the smoke and the fire
And the thunder and the slings of arrows
Turn around.
Smoke rises in thick spirals
The battle cries louder
And louder.
We charge ahead
Unknowing. Unsuspecting.

The tumult rises
The floodgates open
The torrent breaks
There is no stopping.
No stopping; no holding back.
Unstoppable. Unending


The storm is within
The battle is within
The enemy is within
To be conquered.