The road is dark
The lights are low
The road leads to where
I do not know.

A light shines far
A faint voice calls
Leads me on
To push the walls.

An expression, a picture
Colours that say it all,
A new scene emerges
There’s writing on the wall.

The Hero screams
The Victim rages
The Judge is ignored
It’s me and my cages

The Guardian stops,
But I understand that;
There’s fear that paralyses
There’s the Judge’s hat

And there’s the Friend
The friend that heals
The one who understands
The one who feels.

And the yoke will fall
And the chains will break
And the dream still calls
With every step I take.

And there’s time for change
A time to turn
A time to look back
And bridges to burn

And in that time
To cross over, it seems
I will make my way
To the land of my dreams.