May the  five days of Diwali bring to you the true significance of the festival!

On Dhan Teras day Diwali is about Dhan and Dhanvantari – the Physician of the Gods

May it bring you a wealth of friends, opportunities and the joy of good health.

On Naraka Chaturdashi, Diwali is about triumph.

May it help you win endless victories over evil, over temptation and over your own weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

On Lakshmi Pujan Day, Diwali is about the worship of Lakshmi.

May it bring to you the benevolence of the Goddess of Wealth with mental, physical and material well-being.

On New Year Day, Diwali is about new beginnings.

Saal Mubarak! May it open up new avenues and new windows in your mind.

On Bhau Beej, Diwali is about Brotherly love

May it bring to you the significance of the love of the family and the brotherhood of man.

May the significance of this Diwali shine through for you right through the coming year.